Global Professionals

Global Professionals are a category of talented people who make a big impact on the success of the companies, organizations and communities they join.

Managing a career as a Global Professional does present some challenges, and lencora has a set of services for Individual Clients that can provide the support you need to reach your full potential.

Managing a diverse team of Global Professionals offers your company a distinct opportunity to compete, not only by the diverse pool of ideas, but by tapping into the foreign-born employees' knowledge of consumer attitudes and their creative ideas. lencora provides experience-based and proven services for Companies that recognize the importance of having a high multi-cultural IQ.


Colorado Welcome Back

Colorado Welcome Back helps foreign trained health care professionals re-establish careers in health care in Colorado.

In 2012, lencora was hired to direct the program. The engagement is ongoing.

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"Rebuilding your professional career in the United States"

lencora has developed a 4-part seminar called "Rebuilding your professional career in the United States". The target audience is immigrant professionals who have not yet been able to reach their full career potential in the U.S.

 For more information download the seminar flyer

The seminar was presented, in partnership with Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning, in 2012

Please contact us for information about attending future seminars.


lencora Services For Individual Clients

✔ Proactive planning before embarking on a global career path.

✔ Strategies for achieving full job satisfaction and advancement.

✔ Communication improvement, including accent reduction program.

lencora Services For Companies

✔ Management/leadership training for executives, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd level managers.

✔ Leadership/career coaching and counseling for US born and foreign born Global Professionals to help achieve organization's and individual goals.

✔ Communication improvement, including accent reduction program.