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BOLD DOORS 2012 successfully wrapped up on August 4 with a DOOR JAM celebration on 29th Street Mall in Boulder. BOLD DOORS is part of SMART (Sustainable Material + Art), a community-based, volunteer initiative, working with the Center for Resource Conservation. Three categories of artist (Professional, Open, Student Teams) were challenged with creating works of art using a 'rescued' door. The works could function literally as a door, or be repurposed in any manner as a work of art. SMART aims to create mutually beneficial business and promotional engagements - between local businesses and local artists - that benefit the entire community. Elzbieta was co-lead of BOLD DOORS 2012.

Elzbieta and co-leader Linda Olsson discuss BOLD DOORS 2012 with KGNU's Shelley Schlender

Daily Camera guest column co-authored by Elzbieta: "Recycled doors to connect artists, art lovers, business"

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Boulder Friends of International Students

International students of all study areas are the future Global Professionals.

BFIS is a University of Colorado program designed for Boulder families to connect with international students from all over the world. The benefits of these relationships are phenomenal - many global professionals we know who built excellent careers started their skills development through exchange programs, foreign travel and other forms of immersion in foreign cultures. The experience enriches the hosts/friends as well, letting them gain perspectives on the foreign experience in our country.

We're really enjoying our BFIS experience and highly recommend it.

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