Arts in Business

Art discplines can be successfully applied in the business arena to improve creativity, collaboration, teambuilding and leadership skills. lencora's distinctive, custom-designed and results oriented services tap into local arts talent to provide solutions to your business needs while at the same time creating sustainable employment for local artists.

"Business has much to learn from the arts." The Economist (Schumpeter, 2/17/2011)

Staging Agile Workshop

Workshop lencora, in partnership with Red Ball Speaks, presents Staging Agile, an innovative workshop designed to get higher performance from organizations that use Agile development principles.

Built on proven theater improvisation techniques, Staging Agile addresses the behavioral dynamics of teams and is intended to experientially unlock and enhance the Agile mindset. Workshop participants come away with a tangible sense of team commitment, increased quality of communication, and relentless focus on improving. This workshop will help your organization effectively address the behavioral component of Agile implementation - key to your success - in a unique, fun and creative way.

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Services for Business and Non-profit Organizational Clients

✔ Management/leadership development training for executives, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd level managers, applying blended solutions based on traditional organizational development and arts-based methodologies.

✔ Strategic consulting for non-profit and for-profit organizations to maximize local community engagement with highest benefits to both partners.

Services for Artists and Arts Organizations

✔ General counseling on building, growing and managing successful arts-based businesses.

✔ Consulting on business strategies to expand the application of the creative ideas and products in commercial and non-commercial, revenue generating project.