About Us


Elzbieta (Elizabeth) Nolan

Elizabeth is a broadly experienced international executive who has built, transformed, and developed multi-national teams of professionals during her career with several Fortune 100 companies (Hewlett Packard, Compaq Computer, Digital Equipment, Unisys), as well as several startups, small and mid-size organizations. Her multi-disciplinary background includes managing consulting and support services, scientific research, finance, operations, general management, strategy development, business planning, marketing, and non-profit management.

In addition to her corporate experience, Elizabeth has provided a range of professional services as a small business/startup consultant for 6 years prior to co-founding lencora LLC. Her clients have included over 60 companies and non-profits in a range of industries and fields, including scientific/high-technology product development and manufacturing, resource conservation services, wellness consulting, private education, novelty products, medical services, fitness products and services, youth counseling, PR/communications, arts/entertainment, community services, etc.

Elizabeth has worked in several countries, on five continents, developing a strong expertise in most aspects of multinational and multicultural management. She successfully overcame cultural barriers working as a young woman in the Middle East, and trailblazing the MBA track for other immigrants from Eastern/Central Europe. She has been a very active and committed civic leader, most recently serving a 5-year term as the Arts Commissioner for the City of Boulder, and providing volunteer business support for several organizations in her community.

Elizabeth holds an M.B.A. in Finance/International Business from U.C.L.A. and a M.Sc. in Physics from the Technical University of Warsaw, Poland.

Laurence Nolan

Laurence has developed extensive experience in managing diverse teams of technical talent during his successful management and executive career with several high technology companies (Ericsson, Qualcomm, Motorola, US West), as well as several startups. His most recent corporate role was as the Head of a 250+ person R&D Center for Ericsson, where he established a strong record for increasing the organization's competitiveness, innovation and productivity.

Laurence has very strong leadership skills, and has used highly innovative approaches to managing teams of professionals working on new technologies. He is an experienced executive, with strong program management, operational management, and technical skills.

Growing up, Laurence had the wonderful experience of living in five countries on three continents and is uniquely skilled at bridging communications gaps between diverse cultures. He has been a trusted mentor and coach to dozens of less experienced professionals.

Laurence holds a M.Sc. E.E. from the University of Illinois and a B.Sc. E.E. from the University of Michigan