Welcome to lencora

At lencora we develop ideas for solving real business problems in ways that make our community culturally as well as economically vibrant.


Arts in Business

Art discplines can be successfully applied in the business arena to improve creativity, collaboration, teambuilding and leadership skills. lencora taps into local arts talent to provide solutions to your business needs while at the same time creating sustainable employment for local artists.

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Global Professionals

We at lencora have spent many years successfully leading large organizations of multinational companies. We know firsthand the importance of attracting and successfully integrating professionals in a multinational environment. We have coined the term "Global Professional" to draw attention to the importance of recognizing the value and the challenge of managing this particular pool of talent. Our definition of Global Professional is simple: a professional person working outside the country they grew up in. For Global Professionals and their companies, lencora offers services that help them get the most from their multinational, multicultural work environment.

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